The Security Document (Annual Report to Congress)

Tying National Security from foreign threats to economic security in this country is misleading at best.

National Security depends partly on economic security but the strongest measure of economic security at home is a large and thriving middle class. Large public works and infratructure projects almost always boost jobs only temporarily. Trickle down economics, the belief that making the wealthy richer will benefit everyone – the main idea in the recent one party tax bill – is a doubtful path to security at home.

The Security Document presents a dark and combative world view. Foreign relations and trade are not a contest but a cooperation with our allies and at least minimum diplomatic engagement with our adversaries. The warlike tendencies of rogue nations are best reduced through international effort with a path to inclusion in the world community. Extreme natural disasters and weather events that may be the result of human-influenced global climate change are National Security threats that require a world wide solution.

If you remember the western radio and TV series “Gunsmoke”, I am like Marshal Dillon on foreign policy. Matt never threatened anyone. He never tried to bait anyone into a fight. He was always ready when bad stuff started to happen. It is another way of saying “speak softly and carrry a big stick”.

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