The Practical Approach

Announcement this week to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem highlights the need for a practical approach to many policy issues.  We already have a good, functioning embassy in Tel-Aviv.  It does not have to be about political philosophy or partisan politics.  We don’t need to buy a new embassy.  And we sure don’t need to start a riot.


But God says, the country of Israel chooses, and the USA supports (at least the current POTUS). As for starting a riot, these days that doesn’t take much. Too many people with nothing better to do, and too many big movers willing to pay them to riot, even when they don’t understand whatever the current cause is, me thinks.

Thank you for your comment. Certainly Israel will choose its own capital. As President of the United States I could not make a foreign policy decision based on religion. The United States can decide whether or not to buy a new embassy. The money might be better spent on child healthcare.

We have seen protest demonstrations turn violent at home and abroad. I very much doubt that individual protesters are being paid. Our Constitution guarantees our right of peaceful assembly and to ask our government for redress of grievances. The United States can and should be a world leader in advocating these rights for all people.

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