Smoke on the Water

So many people all across this country doing their best to limit the spread of Covid-19, waitresses wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing tables, cooks and kitchen workers being tested almost daily, plexiglass shields at sales counters, but in most states the numbers are ticking up as Fall comes on.  Meanwhile our President refuses to wear a mask, ridicules Joe Biden for wearing one, holds indoor rallies, disregards the advice of Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and Dr. Redmond, dinks around the the CDC guidelines, and recruits a quack Dr. Atlas to the virus task force.  Over 200,000 people have died and continue to die. President Trump cares only about himself and his political future.  So unnecessary, so disgusting, a complete lack of moral leadership.

Meanwhile, Bob Woodward says the election and our democracy are teetering as President Trump, trailing in the polls, attacks the election process itself.  The Congress could speak out here, affirming mail in voting, protecting the polling places from intimidation, fixing the postal system, and validating the founding principles of this country that all men are created equal, all have a right to vote, government by the people.

Please see my 8/16/2020 post about Mail in Voting.  Smoke on the water here this morning.  Pray for our country.  VOTE!!!





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