LaBoyteaux–Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

First some great thoughts from Dolly Parton this morning.  Trust Dolly to be pretty sensible.  Looking forward to that Christmas album.

Two greater men than I have told us we have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself.  Plenty to be afraid of these days, Covid-19,  jobs and the economy, fear that almost daily violence in some cities will spread more widely and the general  rancor, division and hatred in the country.

We have just had an election with the largest turnout in the nation’s history, an affirmation of our democracy.  There is no indication of systemic or widespread fraud.  We are all Americans.  Only you can know, when you stepped into the voting booth or posted your ballot, whether you voted because of fear or in hope of a better future.

Need to get on with the transition.  I’ll have some thoughts in my next post for President Elect Biden.


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