LaBoyteaux 2020–Willful Negligence

Over 80,000 new Coronavirus cases yesterday, the highest daily total ever ….. and now over 220,000 deaths.  Exposure and transmission increases as people spend more time indoors with Fall and Winter weather.  Trump knew how serious this could be back in February. He had all the scientific information from the best medical experts.  It cannot be ignorance, slow brain or anything but willful negligence.  He continues to promote a false normality and encourage behavior which will spread this disease.  Now he tries to distract us by once again changing the subject, to Joe Biden’s position on oil and climate change.

My position on energy is as follows.  We need to produce somewhat more oil, gas and coal than the country consumes in order to maintain energy independence and keep fuel prices reasonable for average consumers.   Simultaneously we need to move as quickly as possible to non-polluting renewable energy.  Renewable energy is already an industry.  We need to build it into a much larger industry and lead the whole world in this direction.  Climate change is a world wide problem which can only be solved through international cooperatiion.  The Paris Climate Agreement is/was symbolic ….. it is what we actually do which is important.  This is very close to Biden’s position, only stated in different words.


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