LaBoyteaux 2020–The Most Difficult Decision??

The most difficult decision of his Presidency?  About reopening the country,  is this another one of these teasing games, who are we kidding here?  All 50 states have declared an emergency.  It is clearly too early to relax shelter in place requirements.  The curve may be flattening in New York and Seattle but Covid-19 is still expanding into rural areas.  And if the death toll is less that 100,000 he did a good job!! Who needs this garbage??

And continued firing of career civil servant Inspector Generals for doing their jobs.  The intelligence IG who reported suspected wrong doing (Ukraine) to congress.  The Department of Defense IG with oversight over virus relief spending.  The HHS IG who surveyed hospitals across the country to determine their needs.  None of this makes any sense other than vendetta and a desire to avoid any oversight or criticism.

Wisconsin and the primary election, the decisions of our Supreme Court seem to me more and more removed from the people on main street.  Surely they could have found some way to extend vote by mail balloting in this time of national emergency.  There is no widespread voter fraud or threat of such fraud.  Only very small numbers of people try to cheat and seem to get caught.

We need to redouble our efforts at social distancing until Covid-19 is clearly under control.  The disease can be passed just by talking and associating with other people, even people who have no symptoms.   I am thankful for religious leaders all over the country to have found ways to conduct Easter Services on line, or on television in order to maintain the social distancing needed to protect the country at this time.

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