LaBoyteaux 2020 – Syria

Reluctantly I find myself in agreement with most in our government that military action is necessary to stop Bashir Assad from using chemical weapons. I wish there were some other forceful economic action that could be taken but I’m doubtful the United States has that kind of leverage in Syria.

Rather than drop bombs, President Obama accepted Russia’s promise to remove and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. It seemed to work for awhile. But obviously Russia failed to remove all these weapons or prevent new manufacture. Now they deny responsibility and provide cover for Bashir Assad. It is so similar to the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines over Ukrane or the poisoning of an old man and his daugher in Britain. “Glasnost” was retired with Gorbachev. While sanctions may work for Russia, doubtful for Syria.

Syria is a perilous place with many world political interests with a military hand in the pot fightng for influence. I would not be surprised if some Russians would like to retaliate for the U.S. smack-down of their mercenary forces a few weeks ago. Without real time tactical information, I can’t suggest what action should be taken but a forceful response is needed. Nikki Haley is right, only a monster uses chemical weapons. The world cannot allow it.

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