LaBoyteaux 2020–Supreme Court Says Trump Wall OK

I don’t need to build a monument to myself.  I will use a mix of strategies to secure the southern boarder including barriers in some areas.  There are no large amount of drugs coming across the open desert, guys packing individual 40 kilo packages.  It does not happen that way.  Drugs are shipped by the ton in trucks and boats as seen in recent busts by the Coast Guard.  There is/was no emergency because congress did not do what Trump wanted.  I don’t need a monument and I don’t need a symbol of hatred toward people different from myself.  We hold these truths …..

In follow up, it seems that most of the money taken from the Pentagon budget will be used to replace existing barriers which are outdated.  This is something the congress might have funded if the replacement use had been clear.  Any barrier still needs to be patrolled and guarded.

I do not agree with the Supreme Court decision on this because it is based on a phony emergency.  Real emergencies are imminent threats to human life.  Should a president be allowed to use emergency powers, without that imminent threat, just making it up.

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