LaBoyteaux 2020 – Memorial Day

Just read a story about the USS Indianapolis tragedy during WWII.  So many sacrifices for this great nation then and continuing to the present.  My parents returned from WWII, my father an Army Quartermaster and my mother a MASH nurse.  They were young, brave, and compassionate people.  Their experience taught them tolerance and human equality.

So if I could walk into the Oval Office at 8:OOAM tomorrow morning, after reading the daily security brief, the first thing I would do is stop the cruelty of families being torn apart, children separated from their parents, a young girl dead because she was hoping for a job.

And when I need to explain my policies or decisions to the American people, I will not tweet.  I will look you in the eye with a news conference, interview or press release.  I will trust the press to mostly get it right and I will trust the American people to think and search for truth.  We are a nation descended from immigrants.  So many have died for our freedoms.  We deserve  better.

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