LaBoyteaux 2020–Mail In Voting

In seven years of 100% mail in voting, the State of Colorado has had two, just two, cases of cheating.  The mailman does not count the ballots, the mailman delivers the mail.  Ballots are counted by the elections office, checking the authenticity of the ballot itself then matching the signature to the registered voter’s signature on record.

Voter suppression has been part of Republican election strategy for 10-15 years.  At this moment, the Republican controlled Senate will not pass legislation to address election meddling by Russia and other foreign nations.

Donald Trump’s presidency is defined by a continuous stream of lies, misinformation and cruelty.  Now he is the first president in the history of our nation who has tried to prevent people from voting by strangling the Post Office, a direct attack on our democratic system of government, a direct attack on government of the people, by the people.  President Trump should be removed from office immediately if there is a constitutional way to do so, impeachment, 25th amendment.

If we cannot return the Post Office to normal before the election, the individual states should establish locations, fire stations, police stations, libraries, state offices, where election officials will receive mail in ballots.  This would be safer with regard to public health and still allow people to return ballots in a timely.


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