LaBoyteaux 2020 – Las Vegas, New York, Sutherland Springs

Las Vegas, New York, Sutherland Springs, as I picture the horror of a mass shooting at a small church in Texas, I know that thoughts and prayers are not enough. Thoughts and prayers do not stop this insanity or make it less likely. If we were not close enough to hear the bullets, see the blood or smell the gunsmoke ….. do we believe it could not happen to us? These three attacks, and most of those in the recent past are of domestic origin. The system failed, warning signs were missed. Error is human, there will always be mistakes. Can we reduce the death toll in these insane tragedies?

I own three guns. Two I inherited, one I purchased. We don’t know yet how the shooter in Sutherland Springs obtained his weapons. A clear history of mental instability, a background check should have prevented him from buying a gun. And I believe a great majority of Americans support universal background checks. I am also gravely concerned about the availability of weapons designed for warfare on the nations streets. These have been the weapon of choice in so many mass shootings.

We also need to be real in understanding that most of these mass killings have not been the work of foreign terrorists. There is no way the government can keep track of all the crazies and unbalanced individuals can radicalize quickly. If you see something, or hear something, tell the police. SAY SOMETHING!

Please give some thought today to the families of those killed, and the injured in Las Vegas, New York and Sutherland Springs. And please give some thought also to how the nation can reduce and prevent these tragedies.

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