LaBoyteaux 2020 – Korea

Korea is in the news and there are encouraging signs that this prolonged conflict and nuclear threat to the world may be at an end. There is always more to the story and the outcome is not yet certain. Kim Jong Un is still a tyrant with a penchant for murder, an iron grip on power and a distain for democracy. If this is a break-through, I’m inclined to credit multiple players as did President Trump in a recent news conference. I’d like to know what was said during Mike Pompeo’s visit with Kim Jong Un last month. Maximum diplomatic and economic pressure was needed and I would do the same but I am not capable of threatening an unprovoked military attack on anyone. My style is about strength and resolve without belligerence. China may have realized that beyond aggressive rhetoric its ally North Korea had actually become a real threat to the whole world. I credit specifically Rex Tillerson for his unfailing diplomatic efforts and making economic pressure on North Korea a main topic in every state visit. We wait to see if North Korea will actually give up nuclear weapons.

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