LaBoyteaux 2020 – Just Flat Out Cruel

Almost daily I see more examples of appalling cruelty in our immigration policies. I’d rather not talk about our President, but I think the buck stops at the top.

The Polish doctor brought here as a baby, respected practioner in his community, permanent green card, why was he deported? The Vietnamese woman denied a VISA to attend her U.S. Navy son’s funeral, why? The Mexican man brought here when he was 10, wife and three children U.S. Citizens, ripped from his family and deported. The Salvadorian refugees have been here nearly 20 years and two previous presidents have allowed them to stay. They have started businesses, found homes and started families because they worked. They should not be deported.

Political trading and bargaining with these peoples lives is disgusting. Just do the right and compassionate thing. Pass a clean DACA bill. That is who we are as a people and a nation. Remember it was the strong backs as well as the entrprenurial spirit of each wave of immigrants that built this great country. And these people should be able to apply to become naturalized citizens like any other immigrant.

See also my January 6th post regarding immigration and securing the southern border.

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