LaBoyteaux 2020–Covid 19 Today

I am nearly in tears knowing of so much unnecessary suffering and deaths of so many Americans.  The death toll now exceeds that of U.S. soldiers killed in Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars combined.  I am more than angry about the lack of leadership from our president, beyond lack of leadership the outright stupidity and personal greed of willfully trying to ignore the problem while criticizing medical experts and medical science.  Mary Trump is right, resign now!

I know that I could walk into the oval office this morning and start making things better immediately.  I will wear a mask in public and in the White House and mandate masks in all Federal Buildings and facilities.  I will strongly encourage governors to do the same.  I will support those jurisdictions which need to require that all their citizens wear masks.  I will make sure there is more than enough, a surplus, of personal protective gear for our medical providers and first responders.

And I will read the daily intelligence brief, take actions to prevent foreign interference in the coming election, make it easier for people to vote and I damn well will not tolerate bounties on our service members in Afganistan by Russia or anybody else.


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