As a young boy I can remember President Eisenhower. In all the years since, I have never joined any political party. I try to look at public policy issues one at a time without any broad political philosophy.

I have served on several local government committees and on the Boards of various agricultural organizations. I have worked to develop new markets for agricultural products in my region. In forty years farming I have learned to focus first on a practical approach to solving problems. That is how I would address issues facing the nation. Ask first, “what works.”

The four qualities I look for in a President are thoughtful, compassionate, honest and tough when necessary. I will do my best to lead with those qualities.


Hooray, John

God, what a dream it would be to have a thoughtful, engaged, intelligent and committed citizen guiding our government.

I’m not so concerned about the current administration’s ability to stimulate engagement on both right and left- that’s the one thing it seems to do well- but its success at driving many citizens away from the political process altogether in disgust and frustration. Your effort here flies in the face of that disillusionment and resignation. Thanks for taking the initiative to demonstrate there is an alternative to both extreme partisanship and disengagement.

Good luck with your campaign, I hope your quixotic dream proves more credible and popular than you anticipate. I’m on board.

– David

Lyn Palacheck

Dan and I are with you!

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