Month: February 2022


Ukraine poses absolutely no threat to Russia.  I think it is about resources and for Mr. Putin a desire to return to the lost days of the Soviet Union.

I’m proud of the unceasing efforts of the Biden Administration to head off a war in Europe through diplomacy and media pressure.

If the Russians do invade Ukraine, there will be world wide impacts particularly fuel prices which are already too high.  We need to increase energy production in the United States and other nations.  Heavens knows some South American counties need more jobs and income.  In the U.S. we need to first cause our energy companies to utilize existing leases on Public Lands.

I would support formation of a nationally owned energy company, to sell only within the United States, to help reduce and stabilize fuel prices.  This county and the whole world needs to move to clean, renewable energy sources as quickly as possible, but we must maintain energy independence and stable prices as we do so.




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