Month: September 2021

LaBoyteaux-Supreme Court Abortion Decision

Some women have chosen to terminate a pregnancy for hundreds and probably thousands of years.  Whether Prohibition or Nation Building in foreign policy, some groups in our country have always had this tendency to want to impose their moral values on others.  We would be well to consider what happened regarding abortion in Ireland, a strongly Catholic country.  After 15-20 years of a total abortion ban, that country realized it was not realistic, not where women really live, and overturned it by national referendum.  I have no doubt some women will continue to seek abortion regardless the opinion of the Supreme Court.

The Texas law would allow any person to bring a civil lawsuit against any person who performed or assisted in providing an abortion.  A showing of personal harm is fundamental to bringing a lawsuit and how unrelated persons could be harmed by a woman’s choice or by anyone who assisted her is beyond me.  This is the most clearly unconstitutional aspect of the Texas law.  It also ignores the precedent of the viability test of current law.

I think the Justice Department along with women’s rights groups should ask the Supreme Court to reconsider this decision.





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