Month: December 2020

LaBoyteaux–You Will Have To Face God

You Will Have To Face God, the words of the Iraqi families to Donald Trump after he pardoned the Blackwater mercenaries who murdered 14.  The one who used a sniper rifle had been sentenced to life in prison.  Likewise pardon for political cronies who lied to the Mueller investigation.

When I started this web-site a dear friend recommended I focus on policy issues and not criticize Donald Trump ….. don’t feed the troll.  I tried to follow that advice but could not look beyond the cruelty.  Now it comes again, continued disregard of the pandemic,  refusing to sign the Covid relief package and probably shutting down the government by Monday.  The cruelty is beyond my comprehension and I can only imagine more insanity in the next few weeks.

You Will Have To Face God


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