Month: September 2020

LaBoyteaux 2020–Time to End Government by Death Ray

Please read my previous post “On the Basis of Sex” about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I wrote Joe Biden yesterday urging him to take the position that any person that he nominated to the Supreme Count would need to get a minimum of 60 votes in the Senate.  Democrats did away with this requirement some years ago when Republicans led by a younger Mitch McConnell began blocking all the Democratic Judicial nominees.  Doing away with the sixty vote requirement, the number needed to break a filibuster, was a mistake.  It has led to a far more partisan, divided and mean spirited Senate.  Gone is the greatest deliberative body in the world.  I see this morning Democrats threatening even more divisive measures if they gain control of the Senate and Republicans, rushing to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, reasoning that Democrats would do the same to them.  Need to think first about the good of the whole country.  It is time to end government by partisan death ray.  I believe RBG would say the same.

Many thanks for Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins for their principled position that it is too close to an election to fill a Supreme Court vacancy and their recognition that there is a moral and ethical issue involved.  Deeply disappointed that no male Republican Senator is able to see the gross unfairness of refusing to even give Merrick Garland a hearing and now contorting and contradicting their previous statements to rush a replacement for RBG.

And this morning the Senate could not even agree on a memorial resolution for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, partisan bickering!!

Also this morning a Republican led Senate committee report accusing the Bidens of wrong doing in Ukraine, repeating a Russian disinformation effort.  Thank you Mitt Romney for saying immediately that Senate committees should not be used for political propaganda.  I know you have a conscience, you need to hold off this Supreme Court appointment until after the election.

And Breonna Taylor, completely wrongful death.  Of course Black Lives Matter because all lives matter.


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LaBoyteaux 2020–On The Basis of Sex

If this title is unfamiliar, it was a movie about that dear woman Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, who passed away yesterday.  In her legal career Ruth Ginsburg was a ground breaking leader for women’s rights and justice for all.

An hour after her death, Mitch McConnell announced he would bring President Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee to a Senate vote.  We should all remember that in 2016, when Justice Scalia died, Mitch McConnell refused to bring President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, to a Senate vote, claiming the appointment should not occur until after the election.  That was 10 months before the election.  We are now 46 days before the election.

McConnell is the ultimate partisan.  Almost always party before country.  It is also Mitch McConnell who is blocking legislation to prevent foreign meddling, notably Russian meddling, in our elections.  It is the job of the Senate to deliberate and vote on issues, in his partisan extreme he has failed as leader of the Senate and should be removed from office.

Something else crazy and shocking happening in our country.  The level of gun violence has accelerated to a point where no one can feel completely safe.  But in the last week or so there have been three ambush shootings of police.  These were not shooting incidents with a fugitive, but ambushes where the officers were just sitting in their patrol cars.  If there are warped minds out there thinking about retribution, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, soon the whole world will have no eyes or teeth.  The police need to learn to de-escalate certain situations, particularly with unarmed persons of color.  We must all resolve to avoid all confrontation and violence.

President Trump knew in early February that Covid 19 would be far more lethal than the flu and that it could spread through the air.  Bob Woodward got all this on tape.  Trump has downplayed the virus while nearly 200,000 people have died to build a story for his re-election.




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LaBoyteaux 2020–The Woodward Tapes

In case you have not heard, one key point of the Woodward Tapes now in print in his book “RAGE” is that Donald Trump knew the seriousness of Coronavirus in early February.  He knew it could be transmitted through the air and that it would be far worse than the flu.  He deliberately down played it, and continues to do so, at a time when masks and social distancing would have saved thousands of lives.  We are now approaching 200,000 deaths from Covid and the President says “it is what it is”.

My message to all Americans is do not let down your guard.  The Virus is still spreading out there.  It is still killing hundreds of people every day.  Maintain social distancing in public and at work.  Masks are an effective deterrent.  I recommend wearing as mask at all times in public and at work.  If you enter a business which requires or requests masks, take care of yourself and be considerate of others, wear your mask.

Further today, police have a most difficult job.  In our effort to root out bad actors and de-escalate fatal confrontations, we should not forget how difficult and dangerous police work can be every day on the street.  Overnight there has been an ambush shooting of two Sheriff’s deputies in Compton, California.  Both are fighting for their lives in the local hospital.  I ask you to join me in prayer for these officers.





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LaBoyteaux 2020–Aisne-Marne Cemetery, France

When the Atlantic article broke, talking about Trump’s failure to attend memorial services at the Aisme-Marne, WWI cemetery in France, I decided to withhold judgement as the article was based on anonymous sources.  There were already a number of examples of the President bad mouthing U.S. service members, John McCain, wounded veterans in parades and his failure to act regarding Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afganistan.  The President’s actions in France were always strange, Queen Elizabeth made it out to the cemetery umbrella and all.  The Atlantic article has now been corroborated.  The President referred to U.S war dead as “losers” and “suckers”.  As president, honoring fallen U.S. soldiers, is a duty I would be proud to perform.  I would inquire into the backgrounds of a few, where in the U.S. they came from, who were their families.

Bill Barr’s interview with Wolf Blitzer left no doubt that Barr will distort the truth to benefit Trump.  Barr claimed Jacob Blake was committing a felony at the time he was shot and had a weapon.  Blitzer should have asked what felony?  I saw an unarmed man walk to his car and lean in and get shot seven times in the back.  You would think that the Attorney General would know that in the United States, even if arrested, persons are considered innocent until proven guilty.  Barr also said that China is doing more than Russia to interfere in the upcoming election.  That is apparently also untrue, while the Republicans are still blocking any legislation to prevent meddling by any foreign country.



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