Month: November 2019

LaBoyteaux 2020–Impeachment?

Richard Nixon was a Republican president.  When he tried to cover up involvement in the Watergate break-in the Republicans lead the inquiry and were near impeachment when he resigned.  What happened to the integrity of the Republican party?  Bribery and extortion are serious crimes and there is evidence this may have occurred.  A fair and serious hearing is needed.

In 2017, meeting with Russian officials in the Oval Office, President Trump told them he wasn’t concerned about their meddling in the 2016 election.  In my view, this was the first treason.  Recordings of this conversation have been hidden perhaps not unlike taking the translator’s notes after the closed meeting with Putin in Helsinki.

As the recent article by Joe Lockhart observes:

“Perhaps the most significant testimony, though, was about US foreign policy. Both Kent and Taylor warned against abandoning our commitment to Ukraine as an important strategic ally. To do so would be the latest example of the President tilting US foreign policy in the direction of helping Russia at the expense of our traditional allies. Whether it was Trump’s servile turn at the Helsinki press conference with Vladimir Putin last year, or his abandonment of our Kurdish allies in Syria or his trying to bully our allies into readmitting Russia to the G-8, the message has been clear.”

At this time, I do not believe the House of Representatives should move to an Impeachment vote, censure perhaps, but not Impeachment yet.  There must be a compelling case, so while a majority of Americans believe President Trump is guilty of wrong doing in Ukraine, the country is still closely divided about Impeachment.  New revelations could change my mind and I believe there is still much to be revealed.  The blocking of witnesses and attacks on those who do testify looks like obstruction of justice to me.  I would like to know, as some reporting has suggested, if President Trump lied in writing to the Mueller investigation.  I would like to see the tax returns because I wonder about foreign loans and investments, Russia especially.

As the week begins, the Democratic led House of Representatives has developed Articles of Impeachment and appears ready to move to an Impeachment vote.  This is not a hoax.  There is strong evidence of wrongdoing by the President.  The Democrats are correct that foreign intervention in our elections was foreseen by the Founding Fathers and is a great danger to our Nation.

Although the evidence is strong, I would still like to see some testimony so compelling that most all Americans could put aside their partisan feelings and look at what happened with Ukraine as they would their responsibility in jury service.  That we would all be compelled to put country above self interest.

With Impeachment now coming as soon as Wednesday I am now firmly of the view that Impeachment and Trial in the Senate is not good for our County and will further inflame our divisions.  A simple and plainly written resolution of censure will underscore what the President did and cause great caution should he try to do it again.  That the Republicans (Mitch Mc Connell) continue to block legislation that would make it more difficult for foreign actors, Russia in particular, to meddle in our elections, is to forsake our Country.







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