Month: August 2019

LaBoyteaux 2020–Just Crazy

This week President Trump said Israel would show “great weakness” if it allowed U.S. Representatives Omar and Tlaib to visit.  The only weakness is the bully in the White House who cannot stop attaching these young congresswomen.  Representative Tlaib, among other things, wanted to visit her grandmother in Israel.  Israel also did itself no good by refusing entry ….. like they can’t stand a little criticism even if the congresswomen did mouth off.  Might have been a chance for them to learn more about Israel.

Meanwhile our President wants to buy Greenland, cut foreign aide except for his daughter’s pet projects, claim an award that does not exist, enforce a gag rule on women’s health clinics and institute more cruel and repressive immigration policies.  Just Crazy.


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LaBoyteaux 2020–Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton

Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton, I try to remember each and every one yet there have been so many.  Thank you Mr. Biden for your advice to families of the victims on how to carry on after these tragedies.  It says much about the man that you are.

In each case, an assault rifle was the weapon of choice.  Republicans, Mitch McConnell in particular continue to block additional gun laws in the Senate.  Yes, universal background checks would seem to have made no difference in these attacks.  However, increased background related to purchase of an assault rifle (why not call it extreme vetting?) might well have revealed the troubled and extreme views of these individuals.

Our president, in another example of bargaining with people’s lives, wants to link gun legislation to immigration.  For God’s sake Mr. President, people are being slaughtered in the streets, Dayton the 250th mass shooting.  Where is your brain?  Words matter Mr. President, your hateful rhetoric sets off some of these nut cases.  And it is not everybody else’s fault, it is on your watch that this is happening now.  The El Paso shooter wrote a manifesto using your language Mr. President and is said to show no remorse.  And it is domestic terrorism Mr. President, isn’t that a real emergency?

I certainly support universal background checks as do most Americans and elevated background for purchase of assault rifles or assault ammunition.  I support Red Flag laws and support prohibition of extended magazines, bump stocks and other accessories that make these rifles more lethal.  Our veterans know how lethal these weapons are, it is not video games.  Any gun can kill but assault weapons are designed as killing machines and Americans must understand the rate of fire, velocity and the tumbling, ripping impact of assault ammunition.

There is no way the government can keep track of all the crazies and unbalanced individuals can radicalize quickly. If you see something, or hear something, tell the police. SAY SOMETHING!






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