Month: June 2019

LaBoyteaux 2020–Gerrymandering

I wonder that the Supreme Court gets so tangled in legalisms that they forget about the rights of the individual, the equality broadly conceived in our Constitution.  That wealth can be used to amplify some voices above all the others ….. where did that come from?  And yesterday, that it is not the role of the courts to stop gerrymandering ….. drawing the maps so that so that some individuals are underrepresented.  Even Justice Roberts acknowledges this practice is destructive to our democracy but can’t find a way to uphold the equality of individual people in the face of runaway partisanship?  That is certainly not my reading of the Constitution.

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LaBoyteaux 2020–This Morning News

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans refuse to pass bipartisan legislation to prevent foreign interference in the 2020 election.  These bills include requiring social media to post who pays for political advertising and requiring any political candidate to report to the FBI any offers of assistance from Russia or other foreign governments.  In 2016 the Trump campaign received numerous offers of assistance from Russia but did not report them.

Trump continues to deny the conclusions of the Mueller report that the Russians tried to interfere systematically in the 2016 election, rather only that there was no evidence of conspiracy by the Trump campaign and that a sitting president could not be charged with obstruction but was not exonerated.

I think the Trump administration is trying to pick a fight with Iran.  Not that Iran is blameless but the economic sanctions imposed on them are crushing for ordinary Iranians.  I’m not surprised that some faction like the Republican Guard might do something crazy like sabotage to oil tankers ….. or maybe it was a Saudi trick, trying to get us to attack Iran.  Maybe a war with a muslim country would play well with Trump’s base?

And President Trump opened his 2020 campaign yesterday saying that ICE would begin next week deporting millions of illegal immigrants from this country.  Really ….. deport millions of people?  There has been too much cruelty already.  We need a secure border, Yes.  We do not need to rip out people who have been here many years, families, businesses and important parts of communities all across this country.

This is the guy that thinks Kim Jong Un is a friend.  Who ignores the killing and dismemberment of an independent journalist probably ordered by the Saudi Prince and sees “two sides” when one of them is the Klu Klux Klan!

The President of the United States needs to be a moral leader for our country and the world.  He need to be a champion of human rights, the vision of our founding fathers and our Constitution.

End the cruelty, end the cruelty, end the cruelty!







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LaBoyteaux 2020–Virginia Beach

Another mass shooting, this time in Virginia Beach.  Details not yet clear but my thoughts are with the families of the victims and the survivors, always.  The shooter came armed with multiple extended magazines intending to kill as many people as he could.  What insanity grips our nation that these mass murders keep happening ….. copy cat killings, the twisted notoriety of being the center of the news, the madness of entitlement.  Beyond gun safety, there are issues of mental stability and early detection and intervention ….. and national leadership.

Bi-partisan opposition to our President’s decision to use increasing tariffs on Mexico as a means to force action to prevent immigrants, refugees really, from arriving at our southern Boarder.  Ultimately it is American consumers who pay for those tariffs in increased costs of food and consumer goods.  In a previous post I outlined my approach to the refugee problem, immediately increase the numbers of Boarder patrol agents and the numbers of immigration judges while working with Mexico and Central American neighbors to improve conditions in the origin countries.  Learn from experience, far fewer Mexican nationals now trying to come to the United States because economic conditions in Mexico have improved.  Can’t say now how this tariff thing will shake out, it should be abandoned, but Mexico may retaliate in the same way that China has recently done.  Stop buying Soy Beans or Corn from the United States.  So the farmers take the brunt of it again while average Americans pay more.

In the last couple weeks the 150 year celebration of the transcontinental railroad.  Thousands of people turned out in every town, at every grade crossing and view point to watch a famous restored steam engine travel from Wyoming to Promontory, Utah for the event.  Lincoln told the builders of the Union Pacific railroad to “bind the nation together with bands of steel”.  We so need that vision today.





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