Month: September 2018

LaBoyteaux 2020 — Supreme Court Nomination

Christine Blaisey Ford has accused my Supreme Court Nominee of a teenage sexual assault. Both are now middle aged, mature, credible adults but at this point it is “she said, he said.”

As President what should I do? With a Congress I view as far too partisan how should I lead the Nation? What is the decent and fair thing to do?

I would ask the Senate to pause the confirmation process and allow time for the FBI to conduct some background investigation into the alleged sitution. The rush to confirm this nominee is partisan politics. I cannot forget that this same Congress refused to even grant Merrick Garland a hearing. A teenage mistake should probably not be disqualifying for any office. However any untruth now, any lack of candor in this situation, is potentially an obstruction of justice and should disqualify a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Although he completely denies the accusation, I also think that Judge Kavanaugh could ask for a pause to allow more information to come to light. That would be the action of a fair and independent Judiciary.

Things that should not happen still do happen, even in high school. Alcohol can impair judgement and memory. Childhood assaults in particular often have life long effects on victims. It is common that victims are too embarrassed, insecure or fearful to report such incidents at the time.

And meanwhile hundreds of immigrant children remain separated from their parents. This administration is now moving to deport refugees from the Vietman era after two previous presidents told them they could stay. We are considering denying visas or green cards for persons who, in someone’s judgement before the fact, might require some public services. This is prejudice and continued cruelty.

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