Month: July 2018

LaBoyteaux 2020 — Sold Out

Six months ago I declared my improbable candidancy for President of the United States because I believed I could do better than either of the major candidates. I am shocked and disgusted by today’s event’s in Finland. Over the unanamous conclusions of our intelligence agencies and Congressional Committees, our President has taken the side of Vladimir Putin claiming the Russians did not meddle in the 2016 election and the investigation is all a “witch hunt”. I hope every American is asking, “what does Putin have on our President that would cause him to sell out our country?” We have been sold out today and I absolutely would have known better, even maybe cancelling the meeting after last week’s indictments of 13 Russian military intelligence officers. I am praying that our men and women in uniform are not called upon to straighten out this maddness somewhere in the world. I am not fooled. I can think of no rational reason beyond some twisted self interest to criticize our NATO Allies and suck up to Putin.

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