Month: June 2018

LaBoyteaux 2020-Glad To See It

I’ve been writing about the cruelty of current immigration policies for some time.  Criminalizing people for minor infractions is an old political trick.  I’m glad to see Americans are outraged, as we should be, about separating children from their parents at the border.  In fact, we have been breaking up families over minor infractions, including families where some members are American citizens, for quite awhile.

My administration would not separate children from their families at the boarder or elsewhere.  If a family unit is apprehended crossing the border illegally, we will detain them as a unit and for the shortest time possible before return to Mexico.  In most cases we could do this within 24 hours.

For first time offenders, bringing criminal charges is a waste of time and money.  These people are hoping for a better life, they have mostly nothing to start with and we are just compounding their pain.  When entry is illegal, just send them back with a stern warning and their signed statement that they won’t attempt illegal entry again.  Stronger measures can follow if they do re-enter.

Lastly, my ancestor came to this county generations ago to escape religious persecution in France.  He was not highly educated or wealthy, just running for his life.  We are most all descendants of immigrants.




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