Month: November 2017

LaBoyteaux 2020 – Tax Bill

Like healthcare, tax policy effects every American. And like healthcare tax policy would be best developed through a normal bi-partisan or no labels committee process. It takes longer but the result is better for the country. The very complicated one party bills currently in congress run to nearly 500 pages and I’m trying to sort through it like many other people. Here are some landmarks for me.

The substantial cuts to Medicare and Medicaid will have real human impacts. Taken together with continued efforts to end the Affordable Care Act, with no replacement in sight, these will cause real harm. We expect people to work, one needs to be healthy to do so. For me, this issue speaks to who we are as a nation. Do we care for the health and well-being of all our people.

High taxes on business, particularly manufacturing, contribute to companies moving offshore and/or limiting investments in the United States. Cheap labor in other countries is another major cause.

As currently written, tax breaks for the middle class are a mixed bag, with some seeing modest benefits while others will see tax increases. Far and away the largest tax cuts in the legislation are for the wealthy and Corporations.

Tax incentives (reductions) have been used to encourage research and new technology like electric cars and clean renewable energy. Those incentives would be removed.

Lastly, I have great difficulty with the theory of trickle down economics or Reaganomics, the idea that if the wealthy get richer there will be more to go around, trickle down, to everyone. I’m open to proof, but I don’t believe this works. I don’t think it has ever worked.

I have not given up on reducing the deficit or tackling the national debt which burdens the future of the Country for all of us.

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LaBoyteaux 2020 – Las Vegas, New York, Sutherland Springs

Las Vegas, New York, Sutherland Springs, as I picture the horror of a mass shooting at a small church in Texas, I know that thoughts and prayers are not enough. Thoughts and prayers do not stop this insanity or make it less likely. If we were not close enough to hear the bullets, see the blood or smell the gunsmoke ….. do we believe it could not happen to us? These three attacks, and most of those in the recent past are of domestic origin. The system failed, warning signs were missed. Error is human, there will always be mistakes. Can we reduce the death toll in these insane tragedies?

I own three guns. Two I inherited, one I purchased. We don’t know yet how the shooter in Sutherland Springs obtained his weapons. A clear history of mental instability, a background check should have prevented him from buying a gun. And I believe a great majority of Americans support universal background checks. I am also gravely concerned about the availability of weapons designed for warfare on the nations streets. These have been the weapon of choice in so many mass shootings.

We also need to be real in understanding that most of these mass killings have not been the work of foreign terrorists. There is no way the government can keep track of all the crazies and unbalanced individuals can radicalize quickly. If you see something, or hear something, tell the police. SAY SOMETHING!

Please give some thought today to the families of those killed, and the injured in Las Vegas, New York and Sutherland Springs. And please give some thought also to how the nation can reduce and prevent these tragedies.

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LaBoyteaux 2020 – Terror Attack in NY

My thoughts are with the families of the victims and the injured in yesterday’s terrorist attack in New York. We should all take a moment to consider their loss.

Terrorists can come from many places and we must understand that ISIS is a corrupt and violent ideology which can spread through the internet as well as international travel.  In addition to military suppression of terrorist groups in the Middle East and support for the people and legitimate governments in these countries, we must strengthen our efforts at home.

Persons who come from any region of the world where terrorists are active, must have a demonstrated family or business reason to travel to the United States and be very thoroughly checked out before coming here.

We do not need to call out anyone by race, creed or national origin.  Simply, if you come from any region of the world where terrorists are active, travel to the United States is tightly controlled and all visitors are very thoroughly vetted.

We also need to be real in understanding that not all threats are foreign. There is no way the government can keep track of all the crazies and unbalanced individuals can radicalize quickly. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, OR HEAR SOMETHING, CONTACT THE POLICE. SAY SOMETHING.

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