Today's congress is far too partisan.

The Founding Fathers understood that it is not possible to please all the people all the time. Their solution was a representative form of government with power divided into three branches able to moderate and compromise our differences.

Although each President over the last sixty years has used more executive orders, it is not a desirable way to govern. When we hold an election in this country, we do not elect a King but rather a government representative of the people. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

A President should lead by word and example, and should govern with the needs of all the people in mind.

We are all aware of the outsized influence of money in politics. Our constitution guarantees the right of freedom of speech and expression to everyone. The nation is also founded on the belief that all are created equal. I cannot believe that the Founding Fathers intended that wealth could be used to amplify some voices above all the others.

Every person in public office will be subject to both good press and bad press. The best leaders try to be as factual and forthright as possible and trust the American people to sort out the truth.


  • LaBoyteaux 2020 – The Russians and our Elections
    All of the United States intelligence agencies, during the Obama administration and during the Trump administration are certain that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election through the internet. More important than all the investigations, before we go to the polls in 2018, all Americans need to know what Russia did and how they did it. Their efforts to influence us, to inflame conflict and create doubt in our democratic system of government appear to be continuing. Sources like Facebook and YouTube should tag posts of unknown, doubtful or foreign origin. Our government should be making great efforts to inform the nation about how Russia has tried to influence our elections and democratic process. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING A PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE CAN DO,  IS TO MAKE SURE OUR REPRESENTATIVE SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT WORKS AS WELL AS IT CAN. […]
  • LaBoyteaux 2020 – Immigration
    There have been a lot of deportations and there will continue to be deportations until we find a way to prevent people from overstaying their visas or entering the country illegally. However some actions currently being taken are exceedingly cruel. We should not be breaking up working families where some immediate family members are US citizens. People who were brought here as children (DACA) should be allowed to stay and become naturalized citizens. I ask my fellow Americans to consider that some western states were part of Mexico once. Mexican-American culture is very strong in these places. It is similar to those of French or Cajun roots in Louisianna, Dutch-German people in Pennsylvania or Scandinavians in Minnesota. We are a nation descended from immigrants …. from all the lands on earth we come. With regard to our southern border, I will pay close attention to the needs of the Border Patrol and to American citizens who live and work along the border. I believe our border […]
  • The Security Document (Annual Report to Congress)
    Tying National Security from foreign threats to economic security in this country is misleading at best. National Security depends partly on economic security but the strongest measure of economic security at home is a large and thriving middle class. Large public works and infratructure projects almost always boost jobs only temporarily. Trickle down economics, the belief that making the wealthy richer will benefit everyone – the main idea in the recent one party tax bill – is a doubtful path to security at home. The Security Document presents a dark and combative world view. Foreign relations and trade are not a contest but a cooperation with our allies and at least minimum diplomatic engagement with our adversaries. The warlike tendencies of rogue nations are best reduced through international effort with a path to inclusion in the world community. Extreme natural disasters and weather events that may be the result of human-influenced global climate change are National Security […]
  • The Practical Approach
    Announcement this week to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem highlights the need for a practical approach to many policy issues.  We already have a good, functioning embassy in Tel-Aviv.  It does not have to be about political philosophy or partisan politics.  We don’t need to buy a new embassy.  And we sure don’t need to start a riot. […]
  • LaBoyteaux 2020-National Monuments/Travel Ban
    A president should not undo National Monuments which previous presidents have tried to preserve. Congress can do this in the event of a true resource crisis. But the country is not facing an energy shortage. In fact, the United States has become a net exporter of oil and gas, essentially energy independent. The public lands are not actually owned by the Federal Government but are held in trust for the benefit of all Americans. Anyone can visit and appreciate these places to recreate and enjoy the wide open spaces. National Monuments are not only about history and artifacts, they are also often units of the National Park System. These places need to be viewed in the context and uses of all public lands, approximtely 600 million acres, which are managed following the general principle of “multiple use”. Timber harvest, mineral , oil and gas extraction, grazing, wildlife conservation, recreation, unique landscapes, history and artifacts are all part of public lands management, but not […]