Today's congress is far too partisan.

The Founding Fathers understood that it is not possible to please all the people all the time. Their solution was a representative form of government with power divided into three branches able to moderate and compromise our differences.

Although each President over the last sixty years has used more executive orders, it is not a desirable way to govern. When we hold an election in this country, we do not elect a King but rather a government representative of the people. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

A President should lead by word and example, and should govern with the needs of all the people in mind.

We are all aware of the outsized influence of money in politics. Our constitution guarantees the right of freedom of speech and expression to everyone. The nation is also founded on the belief that all are created equal. I cannot believe that the Founding Fathers intended that wealth could be used to amplify some voices above all the others.

Every person in public office will be subject to both good press and bad press. The best leaders try to be as factual and forthright as possible and trust the American people to sort out the truth.


  • LaBoyteaux-Russian Nucs in Ukraine
    Russia says there is no need to use Nuclear weapons in Ukraine because there is no threat to the existence of Russia!  Oh hooray, but there was no need to use ANY weapons in Ukraine because there was never any threat to Russia.  The war was unprovoked seemingly because of the paranoid fantasy of one man, Putin. I applaud Biden for saying, and not backing down, that this man should not remain in power. The needless suffering of Ukrainians is heavily on my mind.  There are also thousands of Russian families that will be without sons and fathers.  What a fucking waste! […]
  • LaBoyteaux–Russia–Ukraine
    Ukraine poses absolutely no threat to Russia.  I think it is about resources and for Mr. Putin a desire to return to the lost days of the Soviet Union. I’m proud of the unceasing efforts of the Biden Administration to head off a war in Europe through diplomacy and media pressure. If the Russians do invade Ukraine, there will be world wide impacts particularly fuel prices which are already too high.  We need to increase energy production in the United States and other nations.  Heavens knows some South American counties need more jobs and income.  In the U.S. we need to first cause our energy companies to utilize existing leases on Public Lands. I would support formation of a nationally owned energy company, to sell only within the United States, to help reduce and stabilize fuel prices.  This county and the whole world needs to move to clean, renewable energy sources as quickly as possible, but we must maintain energy independence and stable prices as we do so.     […]
  • LaBoyteaux-Supreme Court Abortion Decision
    Some women have chosen to terminate a pregnancy for hundreds and probably thousands of years.  Whether Prohibition or Nation Building in foreign policy, some groups in our country have always had this tendency to want to impose their moral values on others.  We would be well to consider what happened regarding abortion in Ireland, a strongly Catholic country.  After 15-20 years of a total abortion ban, that country realized it was not realistic, not where women really live, and overturned it by national referendum.  I have no doubt some women will continue to seek abortion regardless the opinion of the Supreme Court. The Texas law would allow any person to bring a civil lawsuit against any person who performed or assisted in providing an abortion.  A showing of personal harm is fundamental to bringing a lawsuit and how unrelated persons could be harmed by a woman’s choice or by anyone who assisted her is beyond me.  This is the most clearly unconstitutional aspect of the Texas […]
  • LaBoyteaux–Charismatic Con Men
    Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, history has shown the damage to nations and human civilization brought by charismatic con men.  Donald Trump is such a man.  I do not know why so many seem to believe his lies and irrationality.  Perhaps people of marginal view points have always been part of our society,  the internet has given them voice while Donald Trump has fueled the conspiracy theories. The Republican Party has lost itself, now actively working to make it harder for people to vote.  Voting is the foundation of democracy.  I’ll repeat that the State of Colorado has had 100% mail balloting for seven years with only single digit problems.  The Republican Party has lost itself, against more voting because it may not go their way.  Mitch McConnell is the ultimate partisan, not a leader but the Senate’s biggest wimp.         […]
  • LaBoyteaux–The Foundation of Our Democracy
    All political parties, certainly the two major ones, should support more people voting and making it easier to vote where possible.  Voting is the foundation of our democracy.  Over 150 million people voted in the 2020 election, the largest number in the country’s history and far beyond any other recent election.  It was a fair and honest election.  There has been no evidence of any widespread fraud. Never the less, 253 new laws are in motion by Republican majority state legislatures across the country that would restrict and make voting more difficult.  It seems a majority of Republican voters believe Donald Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen. I don’t know if the U.S. Congress can establish minimum voting rights through a renewed Voting Rights Act.  I would certainly like to see gerrymandering corrected through independent non-partisan commissions.  I would like to see an end to dark money in elections and possibly a limit on the size of individual […]